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We believe that sustainable economic change stems from the ability to develop the nation through skills development initiatives in line with the 4th IR and growing digital age.

Our Value Offerings encapsulate the different ways that we help our clients and communities achieve those goals.

TLO’s unique value proposition lies in the fact that we don’t simply offer skills development initiatives but that we develop and implement custom solutions which are designed to: meet business objectives, assist in overcoming business and personal barriers, align performance indicators to performance achievements and needs, transform business strategies to the alignment of various requirements such as B-BBEE, Employment Equity, Skills Development and Industry Best Practice.

TLO offers SETA accredited skills development initiatives through Learnerships, Internships, Business and IT learning programmes, Graduate development programmes, Recruitment of both abled and disabled staff, Off-site and on-site hosting, Y.E.S (Youth Employment Services) Implementation, Education Training and Development Consulting, Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and Employment Equity Services and Coaching and Mentoring Programmes.

We do all this in recognition of the fact that employees are the cornerstones of the competitive edge in creating sustainable and profitable companies. Investing in your team ensures happy staff members, increased productivity, returning customers and return on investments.


TLO Grows People, Build Talents and Create Leaders through creating customisable accredited training programmes.

We offer learnerships and internships tailored to empowering teams with qualifications, work experience and career development opportunities. Our Business and IT short courses are designed to fill particular skills gaps within your organization.

Our Skills Development offering includes the following services:

  • Development, Deployment and Implementation of skills development strategies and interventions aligned to the organisation’s strategies, compliance processes, needs analysis and skills audits.
  • Customised skills development solutions in all areas of the human capital value chain.
  • Developing staff and organisations in line with our digital age and 4th industrial revolution requirements.
  • Keeping our member companies abreast of “best practice” in the human capital and skills development space.

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B-BBEE and Employment Equity compliance is mandatory in South Africa in order to advance economic transformation. Through our consulting-based approach we work together with organisations to minimize the massive undertaking in obtaining and maintaining compliance through aligning, integrating and maximizing solutions applicable to multiple facets of the B-BBEE and EE requirements reducing the need for duplication.

We build and seamlessly integrate existing business frameworks, processes and departments into compliance pillars while remaining true to the business core thus reducing the need for a complete business restructure and maintaining B-BBEE compliance.

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TLO consults and assists with Employment Equity planning, compliance audits, reporting and training your company’s Employment Equity Committee.

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TLO consults and assists with Media and Marketing services designed to assist organisations with the following key functions:

  • Assisting in the development of organisations brand identity and strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Management
  • Content Creation
  • Conversion of Non-Digital Learning Content into Digital Learning Content

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Building your talent pool in line with your business goals increases employee buy-in, engagement and motivation which in turn leads to increased client satisfaction and performance.

Whether you’re looking at increasing your staff compliment or growing people’s knowledge, skills and competencies or looking at succession planning, TLO’s skills programmes, recruitment and hosting solutions assist businesses in maintaining best practices.

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The Learning Organisation offers specialized, scalable recruitment and staffing solutions for both Permanent, Temporary and Learnership Positions to enable business through Talent.

We have a continuous recruitment model and invite delegates to apply to us through our recruitment platform for pre-selection and screening processes. Please visit our recruitment application portal for further information on how to apply to The Learning Organisation.


Through our vast range of partnerships, The Learning Organisation also partners with suitable host companies for the temporary placement of learners for the workplace experience component.

TLO follows a SME development approach through our workplace experience component and believes that Small and Micro Enterprises are the cornerstone to developing workplace experience due to the broad range of skills and multiskilling that happens within these organisations.

Should you be interested in becoming a TLO Host Employer get in touch with us today to discuss the benefits of this process for your organisation.


Our Coaching and Mentoring value offering is built around creating the next generation of intrapreneurs, change agents and leaders.

We offer one-on-one, group or team coaching sessions and learning programmes aimed at continuous improvement through creating a high-performance coaching culture.

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TLO’s ETD Advisory service compliments our overall solutions with assistance and practical implementation of the following:

  • Consult with companies on all SETA related matters including funding, WSP/ATR’s, registrations of learnerships, internships and skills programmes, InterSETA Transfers, bursary management and work integrated learning programmes.
  • Consult and assist with maximizing access to SARS Tax Rebates and ETI incentives.
  • Provide regular updates on skills development and human capital legislation, regulations, and compliance.
  • Create sustainable structures which enable and enhance organisational growth resulting in increased productivity and ROI
  • Develop and implementing effective business strategies to increase business sales and profits

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Our dedicated and passionate team is ready to help you begin your learning and transformation journey.

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