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Our diverse, bespoke learning methodologies deliver unique training and development initiatives through our multifaceted learning suite incorporating Classroom, VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training), E-Learning, Blended Learning, Hybrid and Micro Learning.

Here at TLO, we believe that learning should be fun, interactive, engaging, empowering and experiential as one size doesn’t fit all. We are all different and learning is no exception.

Our experienced, highly skilled and qualified subject matter experts go above and beyond to ensure that learning delivered maximises skills and knowledge transfer.

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Even in the rapidly developing digital age, face-to-face facilitation in a classroom still carries many advantages, particularly when it comes to learner engagement, knowledge and skills transfer for new or developing ideas and concepts.

TLO conducts classroom learning both on-site and off-site nationally subject to the needs of the organisation, client and programme.


Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) aims to recreate the classroom for a remote learning environment.

VILT has seen a sharp rise in popularity due to the need for digital transformation and de-centralized living and learning brought about by the Skills requirements for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

At TLO, our VILT sessions can be conducted via various digital platforms including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts. Learners are connected to a live online classroom with one of our skilled subject matter experts for the duration of the contact sessions required for the learning programme.

TLOs value proposition ensures that our sessions are consistent, engaging and interactive, using a whole host of features and tools applicable to the digital learning environment.


No man is an island and no single learning methodology fits all learning styles and that’s the beauty of blended learning as it increases the overall success of learning with its motto: Learn Anywhere; Learn Anytime.

TLO’s Blended learning is an educational model that meets learning objectives by combining at least two different learning approaches in different formats to enhance the overall learning experience. Learners can access learning content through our eLearning platform, followed by a live virtual session or even a classroom session.

Blended learning combines various learning methodologies which stimulates all styles of learning as it incorporates more senses during the learning process i.e. visual, auditory and kinaesthetic for information retention.

Our blended learning is designed to incorporate virtual and augmented reality, webinars, podcasts, microlearning, simulations and quizzes as the digital component of learning.

The advantage of our Blended Learning approach lies in the fact that learners can revisit the training content at any time, while still having access to a support system.


TLO’s Electronic or digital learning is a self-paced learning process that utilizes a network for delivery and can take place individually or as part of a class. Because it is internet based, learners can access the platform via computer, tablet or mobile device.

Our eLearning can be conducted on various platforms but the key to sustainable retention and increased learner engagement lies in the presentation structure which includes gamification, infographics, videos, simulations and varied assessments which assesses knowledge and abilities as the student progresses.

E-Learning is designed to suit the self-motivated, self-starters with excellent time management skills since this process is self-directed.


TLO’s Microlearning is highly focused learning delivered in bite-sized chunks that is easier to digest and therefore easier to retain and remember later.

It delivers impact as learners build their skills and knowledge in their own time over a period of time, staying relevant and up to date. It brings the fun back into learning as it consists of quizzes, infographics, animations or videos, all which drives learner engagement.

Microlearning strikes the right balance between the need to learn and the learning retention process through providing information in “micro” pockets enabling digestion and application.

Micro learning is key to learning needs which require engagement and measurement against a specific topic or deliverable and is suitable for onboarding, experiential learning, coaching and mentoring.


TLO’s Hybrid Methodology delivers learning on or off-site through a combination of any of our methodologies whether it is – Classroom, VILT, Blended or E-Learning, enabling local and international participation in our learning programmes.

Our state-of-the-art facility incorporates the use of multiple technologies to deliver an immersive, captivated and engaging learning experience.


Our dedicated and passionate team is ready to help you begin your learning and transformation journey.

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